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OMM #4 - On My Mind - Kristine Oller, The Actors Library, Resources for Smart Actors

I wanted to share this information with you because I think Kristine Oller is a fantastic "teacher" for actors, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to organize their thoughts, life and business. She helps us to zero in on our *focus* allowing us to move forward faster, smarter and better. She's offering a new service now called The Actor's Library. She is currently offering a free video series starting with Video #1 called The Secret Path of The Successful 7. She walks the talk. She has been a paid working actress in Los Angeles, and has also created a very successful business with her Personal Organizing skills as well as her ability to concisely and clearly explain her methods for our success through her videos and her teachings. Definitely worth your while to check it out!! Tell her Victoria Drake sent you ;)

Here is her bio from her website:

Since founding her business, Personalized Organization, Kristine’s organizing services have been in high demand. As word spread about her ability to boost the marketing results and momentum of creative and performing artists, the career strategy segment of her business grew to include clients nationwide.

As more and more clients began engaging Kristine about how to manage and manifest the ideas and plans swirling around in their minds, she saw that a true need existed for this type of guidance. Now, in private and group sessions, Kristine advises folks about how to truly thrive in today’s world, offering them efficient and effective plans of action that transform their environments and shift their perspectives.

The desire to share her knowledge with a wider audience fueled the creation of her book, Feeding Your Focus: How Creative People Can Move Forward Faster And Achieve Sustained Success. The book, along with her Networking BootCamp, speaking engagements, and her national columns for The VoiceOver Insider and BackStage, have enabled Kristine to pursue her own passions – and encourage others to do the same.

As a guest organizer, Kristine has appeared on DIY Crafts on Scripps’ Do-It-Yourself Network and on Before and After’noon Movies on the USA Network. She became a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and has served on the board of the Los Angeles Chapter of NAPO. Kristine has received the 1999 Membership Award from The Actors’ Network, the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2007 Los Angeles Organizing Awards, and the 2009 Alumni Service Award from her alma mater, Linfield College in Oregon. She has been twice nominated for the Best Organizing Coach and Mentor Award at the Los Angeles Organizing Awards. For more info, please visit www.KristineOller.com.

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