Thursday, March 11, 2010

My new blog space

Wow, So I'm trying out Blogger.com now. Pretty cool in most respects. I got it up and running fairly quickly. But I notice there aren't too many templates to choose from, that is a bit disappointing. But overall, it was extremely easy to add Google Adsense, and a few other assorted Widgets to get my blog set up.

So here we go.

If you're like me, you're a researcher. A finder of information, trying to absorb, and grasp all there is to know about a particular subject. The particular subject here is understanding how to create a business *online*. And because I'm interested in several things, I am working to create a few businesses both online and offline, if that makes any sense.

My top priorities are my acting career - http://victoriasworldonline, http://youtube.com/victoriadrake, my Alkaline water business - http://ionways.com/drinkitup and my social media, internet marketing business, that I don't even have a website for yet.

I come from the Corporate world - and after many years, I was laid off last year. Like a lot of other people, I'm now figuring out my new career. I refuse to go back to Corporate life. I am so done with that. However, when Acting isn't paying me an income, I need to have a sustaining income that can provide me flexible, entertaining, creative, technical and enjoyable work in the mean time.

So I've moved into the Social Media, Internet Marketing world. Not an easy thing. I must provide valuable and ongoing quality content to keep people interested. I need to create videos, and ebooks and articles and blogs and and and and.....the list goes on.

My big question then becomes - so what can I offer to people that they can't get anywhere else? I'm still working on the answer to this question. It is intimidating and overwhelming if I think I need to provide THE ANSWERS for everything. I don't. Instead I think I can create my niche by providing people with tips, links, resources, mentors, ebook recommendations on everything from How to be a great Actor without Acting, to Google AdSense insider tips by Joel Comm. I can provide entertaining videos that talk about anything or everything from trying to figure out men, to how to market yourself as an actor. Who knows. And I realized while writing this that I really don't have to have the answers to everything right now. I just have to start. Let's just see how it goes.

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